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Keeping the bad guys out…

lockAs anyone running servers on the Internet knows, there’s a tonne of people out there who just want to break into your system.  Either for malware, extortion or other nefarious purposes.

Good security best practices need to be observed.  I cannot imagine how the regular home user, survives very long unprotected on the Internet.  Here, as part of the design for, I have two main firewalls.  A screening router, and then a firewall that does even more screening (IDS, Malware, Spyware, etc).  If that’s not enough, the web server for the site is actually inside a private network, with a DMZ based web referral machine.  It’s smart enough to filter out those “bad” requests.

Next, I had the challenge of securing SSH.  I need it for access to the site and my systems remotely.  I found a great tool, DenyHosts that screens out the script kiddies and malware that love to run 1000’s of dictionary attacks on me a month. The traffic is now all but gone, and it safely stops intruders within a few seconds. I recommend anyone who needs SSH access in, take a peak at what it can do.