Squid vs Apache: Reverse Proxy Champ?

So it begins.  Another year of making the slow transition to a new version of RHEL.  With it, comes refreshing some of the basics for the infrastructure here.  I traditionally use a Apache Reverse Proxy for filtering content into the server subnet here.  It is fast and has served the purpose for the last 2 and 1/2 years.  The trouble has been that going to newer versions of Apache have typically not happened since the configuration file is several hundred lines long and debugging it is a pain at 2am on a Sunday night.

I decided to take the plunge and moved things over to Squid.  I had a hack in Apache that let me do http AND https.  Squid supported everything out of the box.  The difference?  17 lines for Squid, and 744 for Apache.

So far so good.  It has some quirks, but, nothing that cannot be worked around.  If you are considering Squid for a remote proxy, you should not be disappointed!

Now just to keep figuring out RHEL 6.0 ….