Inexpensive Asterisk FXO/FXS cards

AEX410Just a quick update to inform folks who could be looking for Asterisk compatible FXO/FXS cards that on eBay. ChinaRoby has them on for the very low price of approximately $130 US for PCI-E versions with free shipping.  The price is less than 50$ for PCI versions of the same.  Apparently there have been many others who have been getting in on this deal.  To put this into comparison, for the same card in Canada is almost $500.  So, there is a tonne of savings here.

I have two Voice gateways that are getting a little long in the tooth.  I decided it was time to spend a little to upgrade to better, hardware-based FXO/FXS solutions.  The devices I have work ok, but a lot of echo at times, even with hours and days of tuning. One device gives flawless voice but Caller-ID does not work.  The other, great Caller-ID but, tin-sounding voice quality.

I am planning to run this in a vSphere 5.5 set up with vt-d passthrough.  Here’s hoping the new card eliminates that, and two ugly power warts from my wall.  I will post an update once I get the cards and I can comment on there performance.