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ITinTheDataCenter.com was created by Thomas Wardman.

You may add me though LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/6/a9/b7a

Thomas started in the IT industry back in 1991, and is a IT subject matter expert in a number of areas.  Some of those areas include Data Center Transformation, IT Consolidation, Virtualization, IT Systems Architecture/Engineering, Grid & Distributed Computing, Remote Computing including WAN Optimization, and Disaster Recovery.  He has held a variety of positions from Computer programming to Systems Administration, Systems Engineer, Application Owner and IT Architect. Thomas is recognized both inside and outside HP for creative solutions to complex IT challenges.

ITinTheDataCenter.com was created for IT Architects, Engineers and Systems Administrators.  These professionals are the business and operations heart of IT.  We directly impact the companies we work for, either by providing great customer service, stable IT systems or end-to-end IT business solutions.

The goal of this site is for IT staff to share their experiences and even get some honest product reviews of technology we use all of the time.  There are many PC sites on the Internet, but none of them really are for us.  Sure, many of us would call ourselves PC enthusiasts, but, there’s a point in pride of designing, building and running IT systems for our customers.  Our customers can be end users, the business, or any other person or entity that would benefit from out work.

The infrastructure behind ITinTheDataCenter.com is completely virtual.  The systems run a mixture of Windows and Linux, powered by VMware vSphere, Hyper-V 2012R2 and 10Gb/s iSCSI storage.  The infrastructure here is production-ready and able to simulate many customers environments.

In visiting ITinTheDataCenter.com we hope that you can add to the community and learn something new when you leave.

DISCLOSURE: The opinions expressed on this website are not endorsed, sponsored, or even reflective of my employer.  They are my own, and a part of my professional contribution to the IT Architecture profession.

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