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NSN Connectivity Scorecard

Canada Connectivity ScorecardAccording to our friends at The Tech Report, Nokia Siemens Networks just released their 2009 “Connectivity Scorecard.”  Now, while I usually take company funded reports with a grain of salt, the Connectivity Scorecard from NSN reveals an interesting position for Canada.  Our score is 6.15 compared to the US with a score of 7.71.

Why the difference?  The short blurb contends Canada has low 3G penetration and Ultra-boradband (50Mbps+) is non-existant.  You can read the detailed PDF here. Do you agree?  While many of us do not have much better than regular DSL (8Mbps), do you think we got the shaft in this assessment?  Anecdotally, I’ve heard we tend to lead the world, so, this was surprising.

You can see the report for Canada at http://www.connectivityscorecard.org/countries/canada