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MS Certification & Hyper-V


This week I achieved my Microsoft Certified Professional status when I passed my MCTS exam for Hyper-V. I find certifications valuable for customers when showing credibility. They demonstrate someone has the minimum level of knowledge needed to run a product, which is a good thing, especially in the consulting world.

In spending time learning and working with Hyper-V, it’s clear it is a different type of product than VMware VI3 or vSphere 4. Hyper-V gives, what I expect, good OS level virtualization. While VMware is still the market leader, I think Hyper-V could challenge it, mostly in the smaller enterprise and SMB space. The additional of MS Hyper-V R2 for free (which includes High Availability features and Live Migration similar to VMotion) is going to have customers kicking the tires on the product.

I myself still prefer VMware. From a fit and polish perspective, I find it offers more features and, IMHO, VMware is still more mature and proven. I certainly won’t be able to switch to Hyper-V for ITInTheDataCenter.com, simply because I would require a lot more hardware. I think the lack of memory over subscription and ballooning support will hold some customers (like me), back from the product.