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IP Anywhere

globeI have been doing a lot of travel lately.  Right now, as I type this I’m on my way to Montreal via train from Toronto.  The train service’ internet was spotty, so time to use the trusty iPhone to get me working.  This got me thinking about the topic of IP-Anywhere.  Literally, if I look over there are many perople using their IP-connected devices to do things like Twitter, Facebook, etc.  10 years ago this would not have been the case.  Many would have good books to rad.  There is still some of that, but for the most part, it’s IP-devices and working with them.

This has me thinking.  What about the next 10 years?  Are we going to have IP-enabled seats on the trains where you won’t even need the device to connect?  Am I dreaming?  It seems pretty logical that the next 10 years will be an even bigger jump than the last.

What do you think? Discuss…