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Don’t hit that big red button!

ups-750Today, I had one of my new APC UPS 750’s bite the dust. Power went down here for about 10 seconds, and when it came back on, one of my UPS’ did not want to continue. I have several UPS’ here, and this one would not be quiet. My other two UPS’ chirped, indicating bad line power conditions. I powered the bad one on, and after a few seconds the dreaded long tone of death happened.

The UPS happened to be supporting my ESX servers, so, it was unfortuante for it to die.  I’ve logged a case with APC, hopefully they will cross ship me a replacement.

This got me thinking of times when I’ve had real life system outages in my IT career when the UPS / generator at a site failed to come on.  That leads to the using of the old and hopefully update to date (haha!) Disaster Recovery plan to bring it back up.

Has this happened to you?  Any good UPS/data center power failure stories to share?  Is your Disaster Recovery plan accurate?  Discuss.

[UPDATE 01/23/09]: It appears I managed to get my UPS working again.  I recived a reply form APC detailing the reset procedure for the UPS.  I tried it a few times to no avail.  On my last attempt to power it on, it worked.  Very scarey!